Absolutely maybe
Bard College
Nueva York, EU

My own Sun

Paper mache pulp, dried squashes, pastel,pine wood and acrylic paint.
86” x 99” x 26” inches

Mi propio Sol

Pulpa de papel maché, guajes, madera de pino y pintura acrílica.
218 x 252 x 72 cm

These large scale sculptures, Mi propio Sol and Cuerpo, just like a coin, constitute two sides of a whole which doesn’t face each other. In both sides there is an inquiry within the medium of sculpture thru low relief, texture, and the use of monochromatic color or palette which I have worked with in the last few years. Specifically in this works I try to place in tension how we read art objects as contemporary and as vestiges, how does a mark insinuate a form or a symbol or how close to one another are contemporary references to petroglyphs. Mi propio Sol embodies these as a self portrait and as a record of time.

The work on this side is composed of 86 pieces size A4 made of paper maché pulp. These tiles make the work reference several aspects of my practice like the use of the grid, the standardized unit, and in these recent works with paper maché the importance of paper production in pre-cortesian times in Mesoamerica. The large wall painting in the backdrop of the work is part of an ongoing exploration with very faint colored murals that gradually appear as the eye adjusts to the color range.

Tobacco flower is the first piece which uses two colors in the paper maché bas-relief works and it is also the first piece that addresses the flowering of certain plants from both the Caribbean and Mesoamerica. The approach to flowers and plants as a theme arises from their epistemological closeness to the concepts of native and endemic, which are constantly present tensions of my practice and research.

Tobacco flower

Paper mache pulp, and pine wood.
22” x 16.5” x 1.2” inches

Flor de tabaco

Pulpa de papel maché y madera de pino.
55.8 x 42 x 3 cm